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Making Web3 wearables look and feel even better.
Adriana Hoppenbrouwer-Pereira
The Fabricant

"Despite the high complexity of the project, Turtle has succeeded in building a devoted and experienced design team. Together we worked on a variety of features and user experiences."

The Challenge

Leading digital fashion house The Fabricant are on a mission to build ‘the wardrobe of the metaverse’. They wanted to release a new NFT-based marketplace to collectors and creators – all with a short runway of just 8 weeks. Our job was not only to hit this deadline, but to deliver an exceptional product that would make a mark in the emerging world of digital collectables.

Our Approach



First things first, we started a discovery process to help the team identify potential creation flows.



We then needed to find a way to build a solid go-to-market MVP strategy that would set the stage for engaging design with a creation flow experience full of features that would excite their audience.



Once the strategy was in place, we reviewed and refined the MVP feature set with a view to implementing world-class UX and our design system.

The Solution


Speed and agility were crucial to the success of this project – so forming a team that could work with The Fabricant in real time in the same time zone as the European company was the best way forward.


We assembled a team who could work in the same timezone meant everyone was synced up and reactive to the natural evolution of the project.


After delivering the design and UX of the platform, we turned our attention to making our handover as smooth as possible by consulting with in-house hires.


Based on the success of the product launch, The Fabricant successfully secured B-round funding and growing to accommodate future expansion.