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UI Design
Giving the next generation of Web3 developers a lift.
Srinjoy Chakraborty
Senior Product Manager

"Turtle went above and beyond to deliver a transformative experience - providing a wide range of design expertise and being instrumental for our strategy to streamline the documentation experience for developers on Flow. I was consistently impressed with their ability to understand, contextualize, execute, and validate their designs throughout the product process to increase our confidence for impact on launch."

The Challenge

Flow is a powerful developer tool driving some of the largest-by-volume NFT projects in the world. Constantly scaling in both size and maturity, they’re continually faced with the question of how to make documentation accessible and exciting for developers.

As the number of developers building within the Flow ecosystem grew, the challenge was to scale it, at the same time as supporting its thriving community. That’s where we came in. Working closely with the Flow team, we revamped their developer playground and documentation experience to make it altogether more organized and usable.

Our Approach



Showing respect to our Web3 native audience was a priority – so we worked with Flow to uncover the type of content the community would truly need, and when it would most benefit from accessing it.



We explored the broader technical documentation landscape, taking in key insights from top competitors and partners.



The playground and documentation experiences were repositioned as parts of a larger “developer experience” portal, an asset that would grow and expand over time.

The Solution


Starting with a discovery stage, we set up several collaborative workshops designed to uncover the nature of the project and determine its features. We reviewed Flow’s internal research and built a roadmap to facilitate coordination and cadence.


Soon after, sprints were set out against our roadmap and we began conceptual work, creating prototypes to start exploring usability.


Working day to day with the Flow team, we gathered feedback from a full spectrum of viewpoints across the business. Taking those into careful consideration, we made new and improved iterations until a functional launch product emerged.


Each project involved close collaboration with developers, often with components and functionality being built in real-time during the design process.



More platform engagements


increase in open-source contributions