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Helping dealerships rediscover the value of a tried and tested marketing platform.
Josh Heppner

"Despite the high complexity of the project, Turtle has succeeded in building a devoted and experienced design team. Together we worked on a variety of features and user experiences."

The Challenge

Drive AI, the marketing automation platform of Absolute Results, is an undeniably powerful tool for car dealerships – allowing them to contact customers with a good idea of what sort of trade-in offers they’d be in the market for. However, with a dated user experience and lack of transparency on how the platform made an impact, it wasn’t working at its best. We undertook a complete design overhaul that would make Drive AI easier to use, understand, measure and, ultimately, appreciate.

Our Approach



With a timeline of just 12 weeks to deliver on this brief, we had to plan and work fast.



Working iteratively with Absolute Results meant that as objectives and dependencies inevitably changed, so could we.



Each sprint came with its own specific goals and, as such, demanded its own unique team configuration – so that’s exactly what we did.

The Solution


We began with an in-depth 3-week discovery phase. Working in collaboration with the company’s CTO and Product Manager, together we took a “from the ground up” approach and mapped out user journeys for the customer, the dealer and the General Manager of the dealership.


These journeys formed our jumping-off point for deciding which features to prioritize on the product roadmap. This gave us our architecture, which meant we could move into a more granular exploration of the UI with a view to upgrading its look, feel and usability.


The next natural step was to create a fully-responsive web app for both the dealer and customer. The General Managers, on the other hand, got their very own mobile app – designed to give them a comprehensive yet digestible snapshot, sidestepping any chance of information overload.


Not only did we complete this engagement to take the new product to market, but we looked at their longterm roadmap to support a new design system and recruit an in-house design lead.