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Defining and delivering a clear sense of direction for multiple audiences (and their respective platforms).
Alex Moase
Product Manager - Digital and Brand Experience

"Turtle has been a phenomenal design partner from day one. They delivered a design system that met our demanding brand and user experience requirements and will easily allow us to scale our platform and meet the ever changing needs of our programs."

The Challenge

Non-profit film organization Storyhive, supported by TELUS, has been opening doors to creators since 2013 through funding, mentorship and distribution programs. But their digital infrastructure was letting them down. We partnered with them to produce a scalable design system across their three platforms — each of which came with its own set of challenges.

Our Approach



With a public-facing website, a creator platform, and an internal platform, Storyhive’s digital suite is complex and multifaceted. By building an agile and integrated team, we were able to gear the design for continual growth.



Working closely with Storyhive’s own team as well as our development partner, Havas, we quickly became a single unit working towards the same goal. Meshing our individual capabilities and unique perspectives, we ensured a cohesive experience across all three platforms.



In order to meet TELUS’ strict accessibility guidelines, a careful approach to colour and fully-enabled keyboard navigation were key.

The Solution


Through in-person interviews and in-depth data analysis, we traced user journeys to understand the UX barriers people were coming up against when navigating the sites.


With a clear idea of the underlying causes of the scattered and disrupted journeys, we put together a solid plan geared towards the features we now knew would have the greatest impact on the sites’ success.


Robust service maps and tightly-bound Confluence documents allowed us to reorganize the IA and introduce flexible, scalable CMS patterns to speed up content uploads and admin approvals. Once it came to wireframing and implementing the UX/UI design, everything was primed to launch the new experience quickly and efficiently.


We love that we get to keep working with Storyhive to test and iterate the organization’s digital systems, introduce new features and enable even more creators to develop their passions.



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