Increasing diversity through the hiring process.


Workplace diversity training has been offered since the 1960s, but research has shown that it does not always have the desired impact. HRx is a social-tech firm that provides solutions to interrupt unconscious bias in the workplace. HRx came to us looking to design their blind hiring web app, HRX Recruit, from the ground up. They wanted to differentiate from competitors with a clean UI that provided an unbiased experience to both applicants and hiring managers. 

The Solution

To gain a thorough understanding of HRx’s business and product goals we kicked things off with a discovery project. Through the process we produced the strategic documents that built consensus within the team and informed design direction. The activities of the discovery project involved aspects of research, content strategy, and information architecture


UX Strategy


UX Design

UI Design

The Results

HRx has successfully used the prototype we designed to pitch investors, win new clients, and inform the design of other HRx Tech apps. The design has helped to validate to their positioning in the marketplace by delivering early customer feedback and illuminating opportunities to adjust accordingly.

“The Turtle team exceeded our expectation and we are extremely happy with the work they’re doing for us. They had a tight process for running projects and our collaboration was as good as the final design. We consider them our trusted design partner for the long term.”

Wyle Baoween
Founder and CEO, HRx Technology
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