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Alpha is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to exploring questions about life, faith, and our place in the world. Over 24 million people in over 100 countries have taken Alpha courses in over 100 languages. This international organization has made a big impact for its users and continues to look for new ways to engage people through technology.

When Turtle and Alpha first began working together, Alpha had an existing digital ecosystem that included their webapp and different regional sites. This ecosystem had been developed in a patchwork of technologies, design systems, and visual languages. Alpha wanted to start from the foundation and rethink their entire digital ecosystem. Their goals were to introduce a fresh visual design system, improve usability, and create a unified experience across their different properties. They also wanted to develop a native app to serve the growing number of users who access their courses solely on mobile devices.


UX Design

UI Design


We worked in an integrated way with Alpha to provide speed and flexibility.


Turtle and Alpha collaborated together over the course of a year to design their new digital ecosystem. Our teams worked together to define clear strategies, objectives, and a production plan for the digital ecosystem and its multiple properties.

As we moved into the design phase, we started by establishing a brand new visual design system that is contemporary, clean, and suited to Alpha’s different properties. This included a robust style guide, component library, design grid, animation patterns and UX patterns.

With the visual design system established, we were able to create a web app, native app, and a system of regional sites all with a cohesive design language. This ensures that users are able to move seamlessly across different properties as they engage with Alpha at varying stages of their journey.

The entire process was extremely iterative and our teams worked flexibly to adapt to changes in requirements, prioritizations, data and new insights that emerged through user testing.


The new design has been extremely popular with leaders across Alpha’s regions - in different countries and languages all around the world. Alpha can be proud of the experience they offer their users. On top of that, they have a design system that is ready to scale for the future.

"Turtle’s design work across our digital ecosystem is world class. They were able to take ideas on paper and quickly refine them into beautifully designed prototypes to test with users. This was truly instrumental in launching our products. Partnering with Turtle was the right choice and we will continue to do so in the future."

Brandon Peterson
Associate Chief Marketing Officer, Alpha International
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