Kickstart Your Design Strategy

Design Thinking Workshops help you plan great user experiences. Work with our design leads through collaborative and fun sessions to brainstorm, define, and visualize experiences that will address challenges and add value to your business.

Collaborative Sessions

We use proven design thinking exercises that encourage participation and help everyone maximize their contribution.

Tangible Deliverables

You’ll come away from our workshops with a visual artifact that will build consensus within your organization and propel your idea forward to becoming a reality.

New Skills

Learn empowering exercises that you can advocate and apply within your organization for years to come.

“Turtle was extremely prepared for our workshop. They are down-to-earth, relatable, sharp and very good at communicating information and guiding exercises. Our entire team was engaged, learned a lot, and enjoyed interacting with Josh & Justin. It is one of the best workshops I've been a part of.”

Elim Kwok
Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Cactus Club

Experience Mapping Workshop

Typical Duration: Half Day, Participants: 4 max


Visualize your ideal user's journey across multiple touchpoints and identify new opportunities to design better experiences.

The process of Experience Mapping provides you with a holistic view of your product through the lens of your customers. The resulting map visualizes the entire user experience and demonstrates the emotional highs and lows people feel while engaging with your product. This map is will help you to identify opportunities that will improve user experience and move the needle forward.

In this workshop we will:

  • Determine the key stages of your user's journey and what features are essential in facilitating a great experience.
  • Understand what your users are doing, feeling, and their context during each step of their experience.
  • Build consensus within your team on the ideal experience and have a visual map to rally around once you start the full design process.

Rapid Prototyping Workshop

Typical Duration: Half Day, Participants: 4 max


Quickly create a low-fidelity interactive prototype that communicates the key user journey and can be used for further testing and validation.

Get your ideas out of your head so they can be explored in a tangible way. We'll work together to create a visual prototype in less than a day. The resulting prototype can be used for user testing, gaining stakeholder approval, and securing funding.

In this workshop we will:

  • Define your product's essential features and eliminate unnecessary clutter.
  • Organize key users flows into diagrams.
  • Rapidly visualize your product's basic interface and interactions.
  • Prepare to test your prototype and iterate based on newly gained insights.

Turtle Workshops Package

Typical Duration: 2 Half Day Sessions, Participants: 4 max


Create an experience map and interactive prototype.

The Workshops Package is two sessions of hands on design thinking that will take you through the process of mapping your product and rapidly translating the experience into a testable prototype.

In this workshop we will:

  • A collaborative review and brainstorm around your existing product that will identify areas of improvement and generate ideas for new opportunities.
  • The full Experience Mapping workshop, which helps you to understand and visualize your product through the lens of your customer.
  • The full rapid prototyping workshop, which helps you take your ideas from conception to clickable prototype with incredible efficiency.

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